Lisa has been with us for a few months now, and we would like to share with you her interior design experience and some useful insights on the process of creating dream kitchens and bedrooms.

Hi Lisa! Let’s start off with a brief outline of your journey before working for Interiors By Design.

My passion for kitchens started when I was 16 and got the opportunity to do a week’s work experience with MFI. My father comes from a building and decorating background and my family owned a carpet business in Wales, where I worked part-time as a Designer.

After raising a young family, you made the bold decision to go back to University and study Interior Design and Interior Architecture. Can you tell us about that?

So, I did long-distance Interior Design Courses when my children were younger, which were fantastic, but I wanted more hands-on experience. An Interior Design Course became available at Barry College, and I ended up receiving a Gold Medal of Excellence for my work. I also made lots of models which were submitted to the Welsh Eisteddfod, which have since gone on to be displayed in London Exhibitions. 

I started my own business, now known as Luscious Creations (taken from my initials) but being a people person, I missed the social interaction that is found working alongside a team of colleagues and customers. Through my experience of working for various companies, I was introduced to the world of kitchens. 

After relocating to Leicester, I still wanted to create kitchens, and after applying for a job at Interiors By Design, I haven’t looked back since. It has been my everything so far.

Your field is Interior Design – You create schemes. What made you decide to come back to kitchens? Does it not get repetitive? 

It did when I was working for a previous company, as there were contract kitchens in similar styles.

I love the environment and creativity of kitchens, how they are built and different styles of function. I am a functional person and a problem-solver and that comes through in my kitchens as well. In interior design, you have to think about circulation when placing your furniture, and as a designer, I see the same things in a kitchen, as I would in another area of your home.

How do you feel Interiors By Design stands out from other kitchen/bedroom companies?

It is bespoke. This stands out to me from the normal. In terms of bespoke, we also do painted kitchens as well, which I think is fantastic. If there is a colour we don’t have to hand here, if the customer brings in a swatch and we can get the cabinets painted in that specific colour. As we manufacture in-house, we are able to create bespoke carcassed where other companies would use a filler, leaving the customer with wasted space.

Bedrooms – Have you designed any whilst you have been working here?

Yes, I have. I’m used to doing kitchens and bathrooms and I have been on Surveys as well. I’m finding as we make our own carcasses, there is no standard size for things, which makes it a challenge but that is something I will grab and run with and make it work. 

We are going to be having a new Showroom for Bedrooms fitted upstairs, so that will be really good.

Can you tell me about the Customer Relations you have built during your time here?

I’ve built a brilliant Customer rapport and it’s been great engaging with people from various backgrounds. Being a functional person, I will look at what is practical for the customer and their needs and steer them in the right direction.  For example, I will ask them how they cook, if they might need a double oven. It’s not a case of upselling but just filling in their needs and getting to understand them that way. That is a customer experience they normally wouldn’t get.

I think this is important because at the end of the day, we are Designers and we are here to create something unique – a beautiful and long lasting dream kitchen/bedroom.




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